Thursday, 4 February 2010

My thoughts on the Manchester Evening News article...

Hi Cherryaders!

Hope you all enjoyed Monday's super-tense UC match, St. Johns are a wonderful and genuinely friendly and likeable team and there was no shame in losing to them. We do get another chance to make the semi finals as we play an as yet undecided opponent on March 1st.

Those of you lucky enough not to have encountered me in the last couple of days will not have had to hear my (largely unprintable) thoughts on the article which appeared in Tuesday's Manchester Evening News and today's South Manchester Reporter but I wanted to state, on the record, that I do not endorse either the tone or content of this article, that I found the tone patronising, that the article ignored and misrepresented everything I told the journalist, that the article was pitched to us as being about the whole team and consequently we were all interviewed (though you wouldn't know it from reading it) but ultimately they had misled us as the eventual article was totally different and that the general standard of writing was appalling. Had I known that this was the type of article they were after I would certainly have refused to participate.

Ok, rant over, just wanted it to be clear where I stood!

I hate being grumpy but this has really annoyed me, sure I'll have forgotten about it soon though!

Take care,
Love Rach Cherryade xx

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