Sunday, 31 January 2010

University Challenge second quarter final match

Hi Cherryaders, January has been a bit of a blur, which accounts for the lack of posts! PHD work has been taking up lots of timeas has the preparations for my first GTA work. I start teaching two classes of English lit under-graduates tomorrow, exciting but scary too! We've still had time for nights out, will write about that as well as accounts of our last two Uni Challenge matches as soon as I have time!

So, our next University Challenge match is on tomorrow. For those of you who missed it, we won our first quarter final against the excellent St. Andrews' team by a score of 195 to their 50. However, due to the change in the quarter final stage of the competition this year, we're not yet through to the semi finals as we have to win one more match.

So, please tune in tomorrow (Monday 1st February) to watch us take on the formidable St. Johns College Oxford (who beat Girton College Cambridge 280 to 55 in their first quarter final) at 8pm on BBC Two and for a week after on Iplayer.

If we win we're straight through to the final, if we lose we play one more quarter final match to try and get through.

Hope you can join us!
Take care,
Rach Cherryade xxxx


  1. To put it in a very Middlesbrough way indeed, 'you was robbed'. My politics teacher thought that the st Johns contestant should have had the points taken away for his victory celebration afterwards... x

  2. I felt emotionally drained after watching the show, Rach - so God alone knows how you guys must have felt. As I said in my review, you were all very, very unlucky. But I still think you're going to do it !

    Go Team Cherryade !

  3. Hi Rosemary and David, thanks so much for the supportive comments, despite it being very draining it was an exciting match and the St. Johns' team are lovely people and though we did beat ourselves up later about questions we should have got it was no shame losing to St. Johns in such a close match! I'm still annoyed I didn't buzz in for the prime ministers' schools question as soon as I heard the words 'Grantham Girls School', but there you go! Also, I still think signature was a perfectly acceptable answer to that question asking for attributes, in fact I think it made more sense than the answer on the card but unfortunately it wasn't the answer on the card and that's that!

    Anyway, one more chance, I can't reveal who we're playing yet as we'll be playing a team who lost their first match but won their second and as the second matches haven't been played yet I'd be giving the game away if I said who it was! Anyway, I think it's on on March 1st.

    Will get the last three match accounts written up eventually!

    Take care,
    Rach x