Monday, 1 March 2010

Our last University Challenge quarter final match tonight

Hi Cherryaders,

Just a quick note to say that our final University Challenge quarter final match is on BBC Two at 8pm tonight (March 1st) and for a week after on Iplayer. It's our very last chance to make it into the semi finals and we'll be facing the Edinburgh team who beat the excellent Jesus College Oxford in last Monday's nail-biting match so they are fearsome competition!

I will eventually get round to finishing my accounts of round 2's match against KCL and our first 2 quarter finals against St. Andrews Uni and St. John's College Oxford, promise!

Apologies for the total lack of activity on this blog recently, things have been very busy round here but still had time to fit in some great nights out at Under Achievers, brilliant gigs from Los Campesinos!, This Many Boyfriends, Lovely Eggs, Everybody's in the French Resistance Now, Town Bike and many others plus a spot of djing at the brilliant new Chorleton girlpop night, Cherry Coloured Pop, run by the brilliant Kev and Linda, it'll be on every two months at Abode Bar in Chorleton, you should definitely go! Also, rumours about Cafe Saki closing are innacurate (though since they were printed in the Manchester Evening News that's hardly surprising, yes, I'm still bitter!) which means that Under Achievers will be staying in its natural home and continuing to delight Manchester's most discerning indie kids on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month for the forseeable future, hooray!

Plans for this week: little UC party at Cherryade Towers tonight, Fuel quiz (as always!) tomorrow, Rose Melburg (legendary indiepop superstar, has been in more awesome bands than you could shake a prittstick at, Softies, Go Sailor, Tiger Trap) playing in Sheffield with some genuine home-grown legends, Plouf!, Then, Saturday March 6th sees the return of Manchester's newest and most exciting queer grrrl night, Pussywhipped, run by one of our favourite people in the world, the incredibly talented and incredibly nice Ste Mccabe, performances come from Cherryade's own Candy Panic Attack (a very rare visit from the London trio), Manchester's own Salty Lips and the marvellous Will and Rick who I can't wait to see as I've heard great things! Should be a great week!

Take care,
Love Rach Cherryade xx


  1. Crumbs, Rach, that was close. I'm just SO glad that you got Middlesex!

  2. super duper well done! :) i was really chuffed when the gong went just as edinburgh buzzed! x x

  3. Hi Rosemary and Angie, thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed the match,it was pretty tense wasn't it? I can reveal however that Jeremy Paxman asked the Edinburgh contestant what his answer would have been after the gong and it would've been wrong so it wouldn't have made any difference if they'd been able to answer the question before the gong, they were brilliant contestants though!

    I think our semi final is on on Monday March 15th and we're playing the awesome Emmanuel Cambridge team!

    Thanks for the support
    Rach xxx